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Issue 01

€20.00 EUR

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Minimal Zine is a bi-annual independent publication celebrating minimalism in contemporary visual culture. Featuring works from photographers, artists and writers, Issue 01 encourages the reader to slow down and interact with the works on a personal level. Across 232 pages, the publication delves deeper into minimalism, through the mediums of photography, sculpture, collage, digital art, essays, short stories and poetry.

20 € (VAT included) + Shipping costs
170 x 240 mm
232 pages
Limited edition

Editor & Creative Director: Artur Mc Clean
Design & Art Direction: Tadas Karpavicius, Artur Mc Clean
Cover image: Robert Świerczyński
Writer: Katerina Furrer
Partners: Ucon Acrobatics, Galerie Minimal Berlin, Foster Project
Collaborators: Lluc Miralles, Sam Whitmore, Harry Buisman
Typeface: Monument Grotesk (Dinamo)
Published in: Barcelona, Spain
Printed by: KOPA, Lithuania

AJ Adriance (USA), Aldo Iram Juárez (Mexico), Alessandro Ruggieri (Italy), Alessia Rollo (Italy), Alex Butz (Germany), Alyssa Fujita Karoui (USA), Andrew Albright (USA), Armen Poghosyan (USA), Austin Cosler (USA), Barbara Kosakowska (Poland), Benjamin Wright (Spain), Brian Singer (USA), Burko Jaeger (Germany), Catarina Braga (Portugal), Catherine Losing (UK), Cosimo Fanciullacci (Italy), Cristóbal Carretero Cassinello (Spain), Charlie Bryan (UK), Chris A Dorsey (USA), Dana Marks (USA), Daniel Everett (USA), Dieter Janssen (Canada), Dorrell Bradford (USA), Edouard Jacquelin (France), Elano Collaço (Brazil), Fred Ucciani (France), Gabriel Ramirez (Puerto Rico), Giacomo Alberico (Italy), Gideon Jacobs (USA), Guillaume Lavrut (France), Hiro Tanaka (Japan), Isaac Rollinson (Australia), Jesse Feinman (USA), Jim Eyre (UK), Johan Schwind (USA), Katerina Furrer (USA), Kathleen Meier (France), Kerem Halman (Germany), Kevin Ruiz (USA), Kyle Jeffers (Canada), Leah Sinclair (UK), Louis MacLean (Spain), Luca Marianaccio (Italy), Madison Dinelle (Canada), Maja Kopa (Poland), Matthias Aschauer (Austria), Michael Tyrone Delaney (USA), Naomi Harwin (UK), Natalie Christensen (USA), Paul et Henriette (France), Paul Humphries (UK), Robert Świerczyński (Poland), Ron Burch (USA), Sandra Rojo (Spain), Stephen Brusson (France), Swen Renault (France), Taylor Freeland (USA), Thomas Alessandrini (France), Thomas Prochnow (Germany), Thomaz Ribeiro Bondioli (Portugal), Tiago Dosantos Morais  (Switzerland), Tyrone Williams (UK), Vanille Busin (France), Wang Liu (Italy), William Dutcher (USA). 

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