Danny Duncombe – As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below (2016) is a series of unique, architectural sculptures that explore the relationship between form and function and the properties of space.

The series takes its name from the link between exterior appearance and interior experience - the notion that we are not always aware of what is expressed and what is hidden, in ourselves and in others. Many of the pieces in the series contain stories, words and phrases etched into the internal clay walls. These words can largely never be fully read or deciphered unless the piece is destroyed, further enforcing the idea of a hidden internal narrative. As with all architecture it’s the stories that develop inside a structure that really matter.

The familiar yet ambiguous shapes of these objects reveal a new perspective as each piece is placed on any of its many individual surfaces and viewed from a new angle. The structured geometry and multiple views deliver variations of light and shadow resulting in multiple interpretations.

These angular, multi-faceted objects are made from meticulously constructed slabs of clay without the use of molds or slip-casting techniques and have a similar appearance and texture to marble or soapstone. 

All images © Danny Duncombe, ceramic sculptor and artist from Los Angeles, USA.


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